Well, I managed to get myself a nice little job at Waitrose as a delivery driver, good people and good work, only contracted for one day a week which, if I can get covered, is easy to take off for auditions (Scarce though they may be) and working close to full time hours on overtime, seems like the best of both worlds at the moment, especially considering the difficulty some fresh (and even experienced!) actors have with finding a sustainable income as a performer. Indeed, I would strongly recommend this over any temp work because the added security of having a constant income gives you so much more time to stop worrying and focus on your career! I've neglected the website as of late, been working a lot but the quickly diminishing student overdraft is a priority! Then it's onto a spotlight account, paying off money owed to family and friends then, in two months i'm reducing my workload (possibly), having a new flatmate (Hopefully) and concentrating much more of my time on Acting (I'm sure Ronnie my agent will be pleased!) 
Really need a mobile app that publishes onto here! Happy 2013 mto all, a slightly shaky start which I shan't mention followed by a memorable cocktail or 5 to welcome the turning of the year! Well done to all for surviving the apocolypse, signalled by the mayans predicting Gangnam style would reach 1,000,000,000 views on youtube or something, and I wish all a prosperous 2013 despite the fact that there are no jobs and money tree's are yet to be invented! I have new housemates moving in soon so donning the feather duster and giving the flat a spritz, saving up for my spotlight membership (It's a tough old life, eh?) And a smaller bed to fit my room better (But with an abnormally thick memory foam mattress!) Working a lot of overtime at work while waiting between auditions, this is the year where i'll build a network of contacts (here's hoping!) and a bedrock of confidence (Here's hoping!) In the professional acting world. Goal of 2013 : Read every Stanislavski book in my collection and all the other acting books. It's going to be a long year people! Peace and love x
Stepped on the scales today to see that I had gone up half a stone to 13. As someone who is trying to put on mass (muscle, not lard!) This is great news, it's the first time I've put weight on since the start of university. I decided, then, that it was time to trim up. Remembering my golden years of cross country running (12 - 12 and a half) and vague recollections of being good at it, I went to the gym, proudly slamming the 5K button and after ten minutes decided that the pace was a bit much, then the mother rang, then just when the conversation finished the gym closed. Now, instead of going home, I took the unusual option of deciding to jog around Northampton Race Course for as many laps as I could (Projected 1/5 of it) and managed a full circuit, including a rather impressive sprint finish that in my mind wouldn't look out of place in the 2016 Olympic games. Shows how one comment of "Wow, your six packs gone downhill" From a well meaning but soon to be murdered housemate can motivate you! Heavy rock music turned up to full, ignoring the sniggers of my under-amour, coupled with my rather stylish choice of blue checkered shorts and a Mohammad Ali  t-shirt and hole filled trainers, I actually feel pretty good. I have work coming in, my internet is being set up in my new flat on the 15th (sorry to both my readers, the wonderful Ronnie Marshall and the equally wonderful Anne-marie clark) so I can update my blog more regularly! Anyway, I posted the results of my jog below, I think I'm yielding good results so far!




Signed and sent off my contract to Ronnie Marshall for a trial representation period of 6 months, hopefully this is the beginning of a long partnership! Also moving into my new flat opposite work within a fortnight, it's unfurnished so may have to sleep in a camping bag for a week or so until furniture can be procured! Exciting times, seem to have hit the ground rolling! Feel free to get in touch on the blog, would love to hear from people! x
My word, it's all actually over, time to move out into the big wide world as a young professional actor, not that there arn't enough of us already! Time to experience all there is to gain from a newcomer to the industry and hit the ground running!
Oh, and happy fathers day to all! x
Writing with a partner is so much harder than I thought! So many creative idea's we're trying to justify! However, progress is being made! A huge thankyou to everyone who inboxed me at louischarles16@gmail.com with stories of how gaming took over their lives and how it affected them real-life, with pro's and cons! Trying to keep this rounded and not derogatory (As a gamer myself) to those who use it as a means to escape. Keep those emails coming in people! Peace and love to you all!
Finished our Royal & Derngate production of How to disappear and never be found! A huge thankyou to all involved and who came to see! Stay tuned for updates of my play in progress, about communication and how it affects our daily life! Should be something different! x
Keep checking back here from time to time, I'm still trying to sync myself with twitter, so the blog posts here may be sporodic at best, however at least i'm not marred by character restrictions! x