Well, I managed to get myself a nice little job at Waitrose as a delivery driver, good people and good work, only contracted for one day a week which, if I can get covered, is easy to take off for auditions (Scarce though they may be) and working close to full time hours on overtime, seems like the best of both worlds at the moment, especially considering the difficulty some fresh (and even experienced!) actors have with finding a sustainable income as a performer. Indeed, I would strongly recommend this over any temp work because the added security of having a constant income gives you so much more time to stop worrying and focus on your career! I've neglected the website as of late, been working a lot but the quickly diminishing student overdraft is a priority! Then it's onto a spotlight account, paying off money owed to family and friends then, in two months i'm reducing my workload (possibly), having a new flatmate (Hopefully) and concentrating much more of my time on Acting (I'm sure Ronnie my agent will be pleased!) 

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