Really need a mobile app that publishes onto here! Happy 2013 mto all, a slightly shaky start which I shan't mention followed by a memorable cocktail or 5 to welcome the turning of the year! Well done to all for surviving the apocolypse, signalled by the mayans predicting Gangnam style would reach 1,000,000,000 views on youtube or something, and I wish all a prosperous 2013 despite the fact that there are no jobs and money tree's are yet to be invented! I have new housemates moving in soon so donning the feather duster and giving the flat a spritz, saving up for my spotlight membership (It's a tough old life, eh?) And a smaller bed to fit my room better (But with an abnormally thick memory foam mattress!) Working a lot of overtime at work while waiting between auditions, this is the year where i'll build a network of contacts (here's hoping!) and a bedrock of confidence (Here's hoping!) In the professional acting world. Goal of 2013 : Read every Stanislavski book in my collection and all the other acting books. It's going to be a long year people! Peace and love x

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