Stepped on the scales today to see that I had gone up half a stone to 13. As someone who is trying to put on mass (muscle, not lard!) This is great news, it's the first time I've put weight on since the start of university. I decided, then, that it was time to trim up. Remembering my golden years of cross country running (12 - 12 and a half) and vague recollections of being good at it, I went to the gym, proudly slamming the 5K button and after ten minutes decided that the pace was a bit much, then the mother rang, then just when the conversation finished the gym closed. Now, instead of going home, I took the unusual option of deciding to jog around Northampton Race Course for as many laps as I could (Projected 1/5 of it) and managed a full circuit, including a rather impressive sprint finish that in my mind wouldn't look out of place in the 2016 Olympic games. Shows how one comment of "Wow, your six packs gone downhill" From a well meaning but soon to be murdered housemate can motivate you! Heavy rock music turned up to full, ignoring the sniggers of my under-amour, coupled with my rather stylish choice of blue checkered shorts and a Mohammad Ali  t-shirt and hole filled trainers, I actually feel pretty good. I have work coming in, my internet is being set up in my new flat on the 15th (sorry to both my readers, the wonderful Ronnie Marshall and the equally wonderful Anne-marie clark) so I can update my blog more regularly! Anyway, I posted the results of my jog below, I think I'm yielding good results so far!





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